The BC Energy Step Code is a compliance path that requires a level of energy efficiency in new residential construction that goes above and beyond the requirements of the BC Building Code. At Coastal Custom Homes we build new energy-efficient homes that exceed the City of Courtenay’s Energy Step Code 2 requirements. We build to the Step Code 3 standard and incorporate some of the energy-efficient standards in Step Code 4.

We integrate high-performance designs, materials and systems into all of our new homes. In addition, energy modelling software is used in design phase pre-construction and on-site testing during construction to demonstrate that our new homes meet and exceed the requirements of Step Code 2.

What does this mean to you, the new homeowner?

Many of the differences in our new homes will be invisible to the naked eye because the improvements are built into the very fabric of the new home—the insulation, windows, the heating system, water heating system, lighting and the attention to construction details. Occupants living in our homes enjoy the feeling of increased comfort and reduced energy bills.

Our new homes will be quieter as a result of using higher quality doors and windows which reduce the amount of outside noise filtering in. The heating and ventilation system will be quieter. The custom cabinets in the kitchen include soft close hinges. All of these upgrades provide you, the new homeowner with a sense of well-being in your new home.

A new home built to BC Energy Step Code 3 requires 20% less energy for heating and cooling, helping to significantly reduce energy bills. We are also the first builder at The Ridge and in the Comox Valley to supply solar panels on all of our homes for sale reducing your electricity bills from the moment you move in. Tucked away unobtrusively on the side of the roof, these solar panels provide a free renewable source of energy for years to come.

Building Net Zero Homes

We are custom home builders and we will build to the standards of a Net Zero Home which produces as much energy as the occupants consume. We are excited to participate in this initiative as a Net Zero Home’s energy performance is 100% better than homes built to code. Contact us for a free consultation regarding a custom home.

New Home with Secondary Suite Under Construction

We have a new 3,022 sq. ft. two-storey home under construction which includes a private secondary suite of 937 sq. ft. These suites are gaining popularity for use as a separate living area for other family members or to be used to generate income. This new home will be built to Step Code 3 standards and will be ready for occupancy in the fall of 2020. The mountain and ocean views are spectacular from this home!

Location: 3332 Harbourview Blvd. Courtenay, BC on Vancouver Island
Price: $849,900
For more information, contact Dean Vershuur Cell: 250-465-2205