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Coastal Custom Homes is proud of the energy efficiency we achieve in all of our new homes, exceeding the City of Courtenay’s Step Code 3 requirements. We recently completed construction on a new home that achieved Step 5 certification. Why is this important to the new home buyer? Let’s start with an explanation of the BC Energy Step Code.

What is the BC Energy Step Code?

In April 2017, the Province of BC adopted the BC Energy Step Code as a regulation that charts a course to ensure all new construction in the province is “net-zero energy ready” by 2032. The BC Energy Step Code consists of a series of specific, measurable efficiency targets, and groups them into “steps” that represent increasing levels of energy-efficiency. The City of Courtenay is now building to Step 3 specifications, increasing the energy efficiency of new homes by 20% over the previous step code.

Coastal Custom Homes + Energy Efficient Homes

At Coastal Custom Homes, we build new energy-efficient homes that exceed the City of Courtenay’s Energy Step Code requirements.  

Starting with the strategic planning process, we work with an energy advisor who provides energy modelling before, during and upon the completion of a new house. When designing a new home, we limit the outside surface area of the floorplan to get the maximum square footage within the footprint of the home.

What Does This Mean to the New Homeowner?

Many of the differences in our new homes will be invisible to the naked eye because the improvements are built into the very fabric of the new home. Here are a few examples:

The HRV systems ventilate the home smartly by pulling stale air from inside the home and bringing in fresh air providing heat or cool air, depending on the temperature. We use systems that have a 75% or higher efficiency standard.

We minimize the thermal bridges, taking care with the corners, junctions and studs to keep the heat in. 

We carefully consider the performance and size of the windows, positioning large windows where they are needed the most, optimizing solar exposure and increasing energy efficiency.

We seal the home up, meaning we wrap the home tightly, taking care to seal around ducts, pipes, fixtures, and wires that pass through walls, ceilings, and roof.

We boost insulation in the walls, floors, roof and foundation. 

We choose efficient appliances.

This attention to detail will provide you, the new homeowner, with an increased sense of comfort and well-being in your new home. A new home built to BC Energy Step Code 5 requires 80% less energy for heating and cooling, significantly reducing energy bills. We are the first builder at The Ridge in the Comox Valley to achieve Step Code 5 on a 3,000 sq. ft. home. In some cases, the money saved on energy utilities can pay off all or most of your property taxes.

Coastal Custom Homes is ahead of the curve by incorporating leading-edge energy-saving technologies into a new home, without increasing the costs. Interested? Find out more by contacting us today for a free consultation regarding your new energy-efficient home. 

Dean Vershuur, Coastal Custom Homes
Pricing, availability and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Posted June, 2021